XMBC (Fanless HTPC)

After many years my trusty XBOX no longer cuts it as a HTPC as most of the releases I want are in HD (and why shouldn’t I take advantage of that).  After reading many forums and spec-in up numerous units I decided on the following:

So here are the parts just waiting to be put together – woohoo:

Okay I know the spec if overkill but I wanted a unit that would last me a few years.  I installed Ubuntu 10.4 everything was perfect except the temperature, after watching a 1080p film the temp shot up to about 86’c even when the box was idle it sat around 61’c.  I decided to bite the bullet and wreck my ‘fanless’ HTPC and go for some added cooling. I landed on this fan:

This was the ONLY slim silent fan I could find, only problem was the size – it would be to big to mount internally due to the size of my case.  At this point I was just fed up and wanted a working unit so I decided to do the unthinkable and cut a large hole in my new case and mount the fan externally.

After 30mins or so I was done.

The results after watching a two hour 1080p movie; well see for yourself.

The final result is a PC that boots in under 1.5seconds and completely silent.  That’ll do for now.