K800i volume boost

If your like me and was thinking to yourself that the earphone/speaker volume on your k800i was a little low then this is the hack for you. (Apparently this also works on other models such as the k750i etc.)

press * right * left left * left *

Its best to do this from the idle screen, once done you should be in a screen called “Service”.
Go down to service tests, then earphone/speaker. You should see a barchart kinda graphic the default is level 3 out of 7. Just crank that badboy up!

WARNING: If you re-enter the earphone/speaker screen, your volume will revert to its default. In my case I had to press the back button rather the ok in order for my change to be saved but what a difference it makes lol.

** This also works on the W995 and SE Elm / J10 (Thanks to Thomas and Rainer) **

52 thoughts on “K800i volume boost”

  1. Wooow Big boost in volume there oyu know i was actually wandering about if you could do something about the volume.. anyway cheers lad

  2. Try the OK button as a few people have had success with this. Also its worth upgrading to the latest firmware version.

    For those that don’t know what the idle screen is its the home screen i.e. when you hit the end key (red phone icon) on your phone its that screen.

  3. this all works fine but it doesnt actually boost the volume any more than you can by pressing the +/- zoom buttons on the side when your using the speaker etc. when your in the service menu you can increase the bars by using the zoom buttons on the side and it doesnt seem to get any louder than normal.

  4. tryed it with the k800i but when i pushed the buttons it goes to all files is that because i changed the shortcut on the buttons????

  5. Ah got it to work its insanely loud now my ears are in pain after some songs.. the only problem i find is after a song has finished the volume resets to normal and i have to boost it individually for each song which is a bit anoying as you have to pause it to enter the menu.

  6. press * right * left left * left * in the wall paper screen/desktop screen .or upgrade free through sonyericsson site u need its cable and cd.

  7. All phones have a hidden service menu its just a matter of working out what combo of keys is needed to open it – unfortunately it each made/model (and what you can do to them) is different.

  8. I tried it on my K850i and it works perfectly. You just need to remove the shortcuts on the up, down, left and right keys.

  9. for all the w760i users.. the problem is that the speakers are underneath the buttons so.. sony ericsson think to not boost the volume in order to not damage the buttons

  10. Look, i got to screen and turned it up but if i press back or okay it won’t save/make a difference what can I do????

  11. if your phone is keylocked,unlock it and while ur at the main screen press * (star) right * (star) left left * (star) left * (star)
    but anyways the above hint doesnt make the sound any louder than just increasing it with your volume keys in the side panel


  13. well i have tried ur foramt .. but i cant see no difference in it .. and im havig a sony ericsson hazel .. plz help is it ‘ok’ or ‘back’ for it

  14. Hello
    Nekem k800i-m van és ezt írja ki:
    Szolgáltat. inform.
    Szolgált. beállítások
    Szolgáltat. tesztek
    Vaku kisütése

    Melyikre menjek?
    I have my K800i and writes this:
    Supplies. Inform.
    Served. Options
    Supplies. Tests
    Text labels
    Flash discharge

    Which one to go?

  15. sir
    my hand set volume is not increase in this method my hand set model w810i were you help me up my mobile volume

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