Use Illustrator to fill a path with text

A little option called ‘Envelope Distort’ is what your after. Create your letters in the appropriate font. Make sure the path is the top object and choose the following:

Object > Envelope Distort > Make with top Object

Its best to duplicate the path layer before using the Envolpe Distort function and apply no fill and no stroke. Also, you may want to do a negative offset in order to leave a gap between the letters and the edge of the path:

Choose Object > Path > Offset Path

Quiet Line Test

The BT line test facility can be accessed from any BT line
Unplug any extension phones, extension cables, answer machines or fax (anything except the phone you will use to do the test).

Plug a normal touch tone phone directly into the BT master socket.

Dial 17070, press option 2 (quiet line test)

You should hear ‘Quiet Line Test’ and then silence, there should be no pops, clicks, whistles, buzzing etc. If there is noise on the line, make sure it’s not your phones connection to the socket (wiggle it about a bit) and that you are using the master socket. If you are sure its the line making the noise then dial BT and report the fault, they should be able to sort it out. Remember that ‘mis-reporting’ a fault (e.g. if it turns out to be your phone, extension cord etc.) may be charged a call-out fee by BT.

Distance From Exchange

Dial the same line test number as the quiet line test (17070). Then press option 3 (fast test) then press option 1 (to say you are authorised, don’t worry about ‘not being officially authorised’). The press option 2 (ring back test). Then put the phone down.

You will get called back by the test facility within about 10 seconds, one of the bits of information given will be distance from exchange (in kilometres).

*The distance result may not be accurate if you have a ‘DACs’ fitted. It is not 100% accurate but does serve as a guide.

It doesn’t work?

You need a BT line.

You need to use a touch tone phone (don’t think it works without one).

You have caller line id (CLI) blocked, if this is the case then on dialling 17070 the message will include ‘there is no CLI detected for this circuit’. You can get round this by dialling a prefix before 17070, the prefix is 1470, so the full line test number will be 1470 17070

K800i volume boost

If your like me and was thinking to yourself that the earphone/speaker volume on your k800i was a little low then this is the hack for you. (Apparently this also works on other models such as the k750i etc.)

press * right * left left * left *

Its best to do this from the idle screen, once done you should be in a screen called “Service”.
Go down to service tests, then earphone/speaker. You should see a barchart kinda graphic the default is level 3 out of 7. Just crank that badboy up!

WARNING: If you re-enter the earphone/speaker screen, your volume will revert to its default. In my case I had to press the back button rather the ok in order for my change to be saved but what a difference it makes lol.

** This also works on the W995 and SE Elm / J10 (Thanks to Thomas and Rainer) **

Speak to Me !

Ok instead of working out some problems for my honours project I managed to create this so I figured I may as well share it. This program is just you’re basic text to speech program, whatever you type in the text box the program will turn into speech, Nice !

You’ll need the .NET framework installed in order to run the program.

04-March-05 -> Changed the size of the buttons, cleaned up some code and make installer slightly smaller.

04-July-04 -> Once reset is clicked focus is set back to the text box AND also clears the contents.

21-June-04 -> Changed the installer, it now creates a short-cut on the desktop and its smaller.

20-June-04 -> First public release.