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Show Thumbnails for Adobe CS2/CS3 files

When i moved to CS2 and then CS3 I noticed that the thumbnail views for Illustrator and Photoshop files had been disabled since the introduction of ‘Bridge’ (which I don’t like by the way).

Heres the instructions.

1. Download this zip file.
2. Shut down any open Adobe programs.
3. Set a ‘system restore point’ (just incase).
4. Unzip it to ‘C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Shell’.
5. Run both .reg files included.

Thats it! Just a matter of enabling the thumbnail view in explorer and look at all those pretty icons.

Use Illustrator to fill a path with text

A little option called ‘Envelope Distort’ is what your after. Create your letters in the appropriate font. Make sure the path is the top object and choose the following:

Object > Envelope Distort > Make with top Object

Its best to duplicate the path layer before using the Envolpe Distort function and apply no fill and no stroke. Also, you may want to do a negative offset in order to leave a gap between the letters and the edge of the path:

Choose Object > Path > Offset Path